Dear All,

Le petit atelier thanks you for your support in 2008 and wishes you all the best for 2009.

“Garden” is a painting inspired by the greenery of Seletar. It is the work of 10 children aged between 5 and 9 with a pinch of adult energy. Postcards of it were featured at the Pameran Postkad 08 exhibition last December.



“Heliconia Sexy pink” (Pastels on paper)

Bonne fête à toutes les mamans!

Happy French Mothers’ Day!

Open House

Come visit us at the end of our 3-day workshop to get a temporary tattoo or paint someone’s face!! You will be able to view the children’s completed work if you were not able to join us for the workshop.

Tuesday 3 June @ 12:30 noon

New Year Greetings


“Petite vitrine” is French for “Little Shop window”. This petite vitrine is dedicated to dressmakers.


All artefacts were hand crafted. The ironing board is a faithful replica of an old local (Singapore) wooden ironing board. The fabrics are both Chinese and Indian silks. The dressmaker has probably gone for lunch leaving her unfinished work on the ironing board…

Make an appointment to view more of these petites vitrines. Or sign up to the December 2007 workshop and make one to take home.

Hello, and welcome to the garden studio. We have an exciting workshop series starting on Saturday, November 3rd.